weee forum int conferenceThe WEEE Forum, the voice of thirty WEEE producer compliance schemes in Europe, last year collecting and responsibly recycling to the highest standards 1.88 million tonnes of e-waste, has celebrated 15 years of excellence as a leader in this sector.

WEEE Malta, a full member of the WEEE Forum, successfully hosted a special conference on 26th and 27th April 2017 at the Le Meridien Hotel in St. Julians.

Since 2002 the WEEE Forum compliance schemes have worked on behalf of over 16.000 producers of electrical appliances to collect, recycle and recover to the highest treatment standards more than 17.4 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment; that’s the equivalent of 1.740 Eiffel Towers. In doing so, the WEEE Forum compliance schemes have worked alongside the producers and recycling operators towards the development of a European economy that is more resource efficient and sustainable but further progress needs to be made for a circular economy to become a reality.


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awards2017WEEE Malta has been awarded the Best Practice in Recycling Category Award during the Malta Waste Reduction Awards 2017 organised by Wasteserv Malta Limited at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

The awards were presented on 15th March by Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Hose' Herrera and Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government, Stefan Buontempo.

The award follows WEEE Malta's participation in the Europe-wide initiative last November: the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR). The Waste Electric and Electronic Compliance Scheme took part with the 'Bring WEEE for Free' awareness campaign encouraging people of all ages to dispose of their electronic waste in a proper way. The week long campaign included a free of charge door to door WEEE collection. WEEE Malta collected more than 15 tonnes of electronic waste from around 800 households disposing more than 7,000 discarded products for recycling. The Scheme also donated EUR 1 to Dar Tal-Providenza for every item collected. WEEE Malta capped it at EUR 10,000 and the full amount was donated to the charity organisation during the Dar Tal-Providenza Marathon on New Year's Day.

Source : www.independent.com.mt

'WEEE Implementation in Malta: Where are we?"


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GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs will in the coming week launch ‘WEEE Malta’ through its fully owned subsidiary Green Mt. GRTU is the only constituted body in Malta that has taken the responsibility of making sure that producers/importers of both packaging and now Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) comply to their legal obligations.

Since early 2007, GRTU had taken the initiative with the then government to take up this environmental responsibility by establishing Green MT.

In fact WEEE was Green MT’s first priority back then since Legal Notice 63 of 2007 obliged companies to cater for their environmental legal obligations as of August 2007. This was not to be despite the fact that Green MT had also obtained a permit to operate the WEEE Scheme early in 2008.GRTU has striven to encourage the removal of Eco Contribution of Electrical  and Electronic Equipment and the implementation of WEEE. And once again Green MT commends Government for taking a step in the right environmental direction.

Once this legislation is published, the WEEE Directive will come into effect, and will be implemented in practice in Malta. GRTU seeks effective results on policy measures and does not merely treat such issues as matters to be spoken about and shelved. Green MT has  now gained extensive experience from the packaging operations and will not be held back from ensuring that a fair and level playing field is not in place.

WEEE Malta, which will be launched in the coming week, does not intend to re-invent the wheel but intends to make life simpler for producers/importers who are now obliged to comply to this legislation. Reporting will be in the simplest format possible and the Scheme will still make sure that this is being reported in ‘bona fide’.

WEEE Malta will insist with the respective authorities, and those being currently set up (The Environment Authority), that the respective inspectorates have to be on the ball at all times. This is imperative for the implementation of this Directive and Green MT will aid the authorities to get enforcement on the right path.

It has been drawn to our attention that certain sources may be implying that the compliance to WEEE is being offered for free by a particular entity or organization. One must realise that whether in the short-term or a long-term, a service comes at a cost. Environmental compliance has its benefits yet naturally also comes at a cost to one and all and therefore one should not be deceived by statements claiming otherwise. The WEEE directive includes 60 % of products that did not fall under the Eco Contribution regime so it is understandable that prices for these products will increase. However there could also be a decrease in a number of products that were previously part of the Eco Contribution regime. It is wrong to say that the Government has only changed the Eco Contribution from one type of tax to another by implementing the WEEE Directive. The WEEE Directive is one Directive that has to be taken care of by producers or their representatives. Governments of EU Member States cannot be involved in the implementation of this Directive and Malta did well to go to that direction.

WEEE Malta augurs that there will be a smooth transition from Eco Contribution to WEEE Directive requirements and furthermore outlines the need for stakeholders to keep on meeting around the table to monitor what takes place in the market as of early of September. Where necessary, old ways of doing things need to change, and change should be welcomed as it brings about new business opportunities.

WEEE Malta welcomes every importer of electrical and electronic equipment to its launch coming week. A communication will be sent to all prospective members outlining venue and date.


Weee Trolleys – Collection Points have been introduced in 11 localities in Gozo.

Residents of the localities can discard small electronic devices, such as cables, kettles, laptops and hairdryers in the trolleys for recycling free of charge.
The trolleys can be found in Għarb, Munxar, Żebbuġ, Victoria, Xagħra, Xewkija, Għajnsielem, Qala, Għasri, Kerċem and San Lawrenz.
Weee Malta, which now has trolleys in 42 localities across Malta and Gozo, plans to have more trolleys put up near schools and private companies. Over two months, more than 50 trolleys were emptied and the material deposited in a recycling site.

Text from The Times of Malta - Friday, February 24, 2017, 16:04 - Source link


WEEE Malta launched the WEEE Trolleys – Collection Points today in a bid to increase the collection and recycling of small waste electric and electronic equipment.

Small WEEE are small handheld items that require a plug or batteries to use and that can fit inside of the trolley, such as small kitchen appliances, hair dryers, clocks, remote controls, laptops and mobile phones, radios, small electronic toys and power tools.

WEEE Malta is supplying over 60 trolleys to councils, schools, colleges, businesses and retailers, where both the staff and/or the visiting public can safely dispose of their small waste electric and electronic equipment. The intention is to supply 300 trolleys in the next three years.

The trolleys are mobile, fitted with brakes and are adequately equipped to provide an easy solution for WEEE recycling. When full, WEEE Malta will empty it on site and transport it to WEEE accredited facilities through a consignment note approved by the Environment and Resources Authority. WEEE Malta said it is committed to provide this service throughout its collection points.

During a press conference at the Qormi council, WEEE Malta chief operations officer Sergio Mallia said that small WEEE like toys, tools, small appliances, and IT equipment are being either hoarded or disposed of in the black bag and sent to the landfill instead of being recycled.

“Every year a substantial amount of all small electrical items are thrown into domestic waste. If everyone made an effort and disposed of these items either in these trolleys or at civic amenity sites, we would see a big impact on recycling rates in Malta, hence saving our environment.”

Mr Mallia went on to say that “by keeping WEEE separate from other waste it can be treated, the hazardous substances can be removed and a large amount of waste can be recycled rather than sent for disposal at the Landfill”.
He said waste recycling in Malta faced an external challenge in the years ahead. This challenge centred on an EU directive which set out that national collection rates of 42 per cent of waste electrical and electronic equipment by 2016 will go up to 65 per cent national rate by the end of 2020.

To increase collections and awareness, WEEE Malta is also taking part in this year’s European Week for Waste Reduction. The aim of the week, from November 19 to 27 is to promote the concept of waste prevention, reuse and recycling during one week, by coordinating awareness raising actions organised by a variety of actors.

WEEE Malta launched an awareness campaign encouraging people of all ages to dispose of their electronic waste in a proper way. It introduced a freephone number 8007 4444 for a free door to door WEEE collection.
As part of its ‘Social Corporate Responsibility’, WEEE Malta is donating €1 to Dar tal-Providenza for every waste electric and electronic equipment collected, capped at €10,000.

The calls for collection should be made between November 15 and 24 from 8am to 5pm. Collections will be made between November 21 and 28.

Source: Times of Malta


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