Household Recycling

Household Recycling

Where can I recycle?

When purchasing a new electrical / electronic device from any store, the store has a legal obligation to take back your old device free of charge.

If the store needs to pick up your old device from your house or anywhere else, then it has a right to charge you for the service.

The store then makes use of WEEE Malta’s Take Back System.

However, one can make use of the Bulky Refuse system offered by the Local Councils. By law these items need to be taken to a CA site. The scheme on behalf of the producers would ascertain to collect and treat all material according to the market share.

Any Small E-Waste (with a maximum dimension not exceeding 50cm) can be disposed of in a WEEE Trolley. These can be items such as coffee machines, tape recorders, laptops, chargers, drills etc. All items collected from the WEEE Trolley are then take to the automatized recycling facility to be recycled.

WEEE Trolley’s are given to several Local councils, Schools and Businesses all around Malta and Gozo. Make sure you do your part to help the environment and Apply for a WEEE Trolley!

All applications for a WEEE Trolley will be reviewed and after you will be informed if you are eligible for a WEEE Trolley or not.

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WEEE Trolley available to you!