Take Back System

Take Back System

The take back system includes different type of methods which one can make use of to dispose of their electric and electronic household appliances.

One-to-One by Supplier

When buying a new household appliance from any store, the individual, has the right to come to an arrangement with the supplier to hand over their old appliance to the supplier. By law, the supplier has to accept your old electric and electronic household appliances free of charge and make use of the proper ways of disposing of this. Furthermore, if you are not able to take your old household appliance to the store one can arrange with the supplier to be picked up from his house, but this may come at a charge.

Civic Amenity Sites Free of Charge for Residents only

If a resident has any electric and electronic household appliance that he/she wants to dispose of, they can make use of the Civic Amenity sites around Malta and Gozo free of charge. For further information regarding the CA sites you can press here.

WEEE Malta liaisons with local councils with WEEE Trolleys

As of the end of 2016 WEEE Malta launched the WEEE Trolleys around local councils in Malta and Gozo.The WEEE Trolleys give the residents a place to dispose of any small electric and electronic household appliances. For further information on the locations of WEEE Trolleys press here.

WEEE Malta take back system for business entities and producer members

WEEE Malta provides a take-back system for their producer members. Any members who have electric and electronic equipment to dispose of, can liaison with WEEE Malta to request a collection. You can do this by pressing here. Furthermore, if a business entity isn’t a member with WEEE Malta and wants to make use of our take-back system, one can simply request a collection (charges may apply) or one can become a member with WEEE Malta by pressing here.