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Complete and submit our online application form.

Step 2

You will receive by email:

1. WEEE Malta Agreement

2. Market Placement Declaration

Step 3

Post your completed Members Pack documents back to WEEE Malta, either by electronic or traditional mail

Step 4

Once finalized you will receive the certificate of compliance for the current year.

Obligations of a WEEE Producer

  • Registering with the Environmental and Authority Resources. (ERA FAQs)
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Membership of a Compliance Scheme.
  • Reporting placed on the market data every year by 31st March.
  • Financing the management and recycling of material at end of life
  • Providing take back and recycling information to the end-user

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Benefits of Joining us as an Importer

  • We take care of the data auditing, collection and reporting
  • We calculate your obligation and sourcing evidence
  • We collect, recover and recycle of WEEE material
  • We register you with the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA)