Have a Healthier Fridge!

Have a Healthier Fridge!

An average lifespan of a fridge is around 14-17 years, but this can be drastically reduced if we do not take care of one of our most essential items in our kitchen. Buying a fridge every ten years can easily be avoided with the basic steps listed below

  1. Place it Away from Heat! It is a basic rule, fridges are there to keep things cool, so putting it in a warm area would be counter intuitive. If the fridge is placed near equipment which produces heat such as a stove or oven, or just a general warm part of the house, its compressor will need to work much harder to keep it cool.

    Furthermore, make sure to remember it gets hot in summer, so placing the fridge in the garage is not always the best option. Due to the extreme heat in garages it will also have to work harder to keep itself cool.

  2. Keep the top shelf clear. All of us make use of our fridges top shelf (Don’t lie to yourself). We shouldn’t be doing this as we are making our fridge work harder. At the top shelf, warm air flows out of the motor.

    Whenever we block the top shelf with boxes and baskets we are blocking the warm air at the top and thus making the compressor work much more then it is supposed too.

  3. Fill it like a well-balanced diet. As most of us try to keep a well-balanced diet in our lives, we also need to focus to keep our fridge balanced. This means we mustn’t overfill our fridge neither does it mean we should keep it empty. If we overfill it there will be a lack of air circulation and it will work hard to compensate for it. On the other hand, if we keep it empty it also needs to work hard to cool all the empty space.
  4. Set it to the right temperature. It is important to make sure you set the temperature of your fridge to the correct one. The best choice would be placing your fridge at a temperature of 0-4 degrees.
  5. Have it checked every year!We should not forget to give our fridge a service also. This way you will be able to repair the fridge if there is a need to instead of throwing it away.