Oops... It Fell Again.

Oops... It Fell Again.


Everyone in the digital age knows the pain of trying to assume what the words in the text are because of a cracked screen, and all those people know that fixing a phone is not a cheap process, let alone it being a huge change of lifestyle for such a short period of time, being without a phone. Below are a few tips that might prevent such a thing from happening to your phone.


It is very easy for us to be playing with our phones while we are on the toilet and then in the blink of an eye it ends up down the toilet. Do yourself a favor, instead of passing through the decision process of, ‘how to pick up a phone from the toilet without touching the water?’, just read something instead.

2. Place your phone in a safe space.

Just putting your phone on the table is not always safe. This is because when I ‘just’ put my phone on a table it usually is at the top of a stack of books which are the edge of a table.

Make sure to not follow my bad decisions and place your phone in a safe place such as in a box just for your phone. Moreover, even when charging your hone, check that your phone is not at the edge or that the wire of the charger is not in your pathway.

3. Buy helpful accessory!

Nowadays, there are more several items to help us from dropping our phones. These are items such as a grippy case. This is a good phone cover as when you grip the case there is less chance for you to lose your grip and drop your phone.

Furthermore, if you don’t like that cover you can always buy a strap and put it around your wrist, so the second it falls from your wrist, it will save it from its end.