Is your Business affected by EEE Open Scope?

Is your Business affected by EEE Open Scope?

Did you know that as from 1st January 2019 the way producers/importers scope their Electrical and Electronic products is changing due to Open Scope? A number of changes came into force on 15th August 2018 as a result of the WEEE Directive 2012/19 – not only in Malta but throughout Europe. The existing ten product categories were reduced to six, and the so-called “Open Scope” was introduced. But what exactly does this mean?

Since 2015, the implementation of the WEEE Directive in Malta have applied to a range of products.  The scope of the Directive is now extended so that more products are covered by the Directive than was previously the case. Before, products only had to comply with the law if they matched one of the ten WEEE categories. If they did not, they were not classified as electronic products and were therefore not considered within the scope of the law. This has now changed. All products that are by definition electrical or electronic devices are covered by the WEEE Directive and must be registered. The six new categories are more general than before, so that every product can be assigned to one category or another. In Malta, for example, products such as household lamps were not previously within the scope of the law but now they are. All EEE products must be listed under the following categories:

  • Category 1: Temperature exchange equipment
  • Category 2: Screens and monitors
  • Category 3: Lamps
  • Category 4: Large equipment
  • Category 5: Small equipment
  • Category 6: Small IT and telecommunication equipment

WEEE Malta’s expert team is here to ensure that your business can correctly report under the more inclusive, broader open scope rules. As interpretations of product inclusion within Open Scope can be sometimes confusing, we will guide you through the requirements and help you with your scoping decisions, saving you time and effort in the process.

WEEE Malta is the leading EEE compliance Scheme representing more than 400 importers. As a producer responsibility organization, we make sure that producer members comply with their legal obligations, including the responsibility for the take-back and recycling of appliances discarded by consumers. The 2019 collection target of 55% of equipment sold, will once again be extremely challenging for almost producers and all Malta to achieve, unless we encourage cooperation among stakeholders, count all WEEE and improve law enforcement.  Last year, WEEE Malta managed to have over 20% increase in the total WEEE collected, mainly in the large household equipment and consumer equipment. The Scheme had a significant increase in  collections of refrigerators and TV sets from Civic Amenity Sites. Handling and treating WEEE from Wasteserv remains a challenging factor.

Work remains to be done to increase take back in certain categories of WEEE to ensure electrical waste from all sectors is diverted from landfill, theft and scavenging into the authorised channels and undergoes responsible environmental management. WEEE Malta’s ongoing WEEE Trolley Campaign gained more pace in 2018 and we managed to divert 35 tons of small electronic waste collected from our strong 125 collection points around Malta and Gozo.

Joining WEEE Malta means not only participating in a reliable compliance Scheme but also having the comfort and security that the e-Waste material is properly handled and processed through short, clear, auditable routes. Malta have a challenging few years ahead in the waste electric and electronic equipment. WEEE Malta will continue to be at the forefront to achieve the full scope of the extended producer responsibility principle In Malta whilst continuing to ensure a reliable and cost effective collections, treatment and recycling of eWaste.

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